Front-end Developer

Tahir Shaikh Front-end Developer

We believe that one of the strongest forces in the universe is the “THOUGHTS IN HAND”: every time you build something out of nothing, every time you give shape and organization to something that has no structure – you are creating a miracle.

At Keen Software House we have two areas of interest:
– independent brand design / web development: Space Engineers, Medieval Engineers
– research and development in artificial intelligence

Keen Software House was founded in 2015 by  Tahir Shaikh.

Motto No. 1: We’re getting it awesome.

Motto No. 2: Work Smart, play Smart.

Motto No. 3: Reality is the best brand designer.




We want to create Brand that are based on conceptual and communicative design.

We want to use our Brand to promote Creativity and to encourage Designers. We want to revive the interest in space exploration, physics, history and all STEM fields. We want people to learn new stuff while enjoying our Designed Brands.

We want to make our fans happy.